the glute-growing circuit

i like to keep my workouts dynamic, alternating from weight lifting to H.I.I.T. to plyometrics-based resistance training on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.  after asking my friends on instagram if any of them would be interested in seeing more fitness-related content on this effervescent life, i’ve chosen to listen to the masses (roughly seven people) and incorporate some workout guides for the gym-lovers and haters alike.  enter: video guides.  i promise to wash my hair and wear a properly sized shirt in the next one, but i filmed this first one after a lengthy weight-lifting session because, let’s be real, inspiration often strikes at weird times.  c’est la vie.


this first workout is a plyometrics circuit program targeting the glutes and legs (because, praise God, the booty is finally being celebrated in the way it deserves).  it could be done at home, in the gym, or anywhere in between.  proper form is key in these exercises to A) work the targeted muscles, and B) protect your knees, hips, and feet.  when squatting or lunging, your knees should never reach over your toes, and your bottom should be sticking out behind you with a soft arch in your lower back.  the exception to this is the sumo pulse squats–keep your pelvis tucked under and your navel drawn in.  perform all seven exercises in a row without resting–this is one circuit.  rest for one to two minutes, then repeat the circuit at least three times.  cool down with low impact cardio (like a walk) or deep stretching, and be prepared to feel the burn the morning after.



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